Tribute to Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi was one of the most loved Urdu poets of his time. Generations have been mystified by his elegance of words and clarity of thought. He gave to the generations of Pakistan an indelible imprint of thought, devotion and conviction. He beautifully once said “my words will be my testament of my existence in this life". And how true this is. My father told me the secret of eternal life - Publish or Perish. With these thoughts I construed various articles and published many in various newspapers. I am and will remain a great fan of Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. He once wrote a scintillating poem for the nation. I translated it into English

Poem for my Nation

God Willing
the season of spring
to blossom on my land
that cannot decay

God Willing
Flowers that bloom
bloom till centuries to come
And autumn never to have the audacity
to pass by

And the greenery that blooms
remains green till eternity
and such green
that has no substitute

God Willing
Never should the pride
of my nation prostrate in vain
And its beauty never
to be touched by age and time

Each individual to be full of talent and promise
And no one to be in shambles and low spirits

God Willing
And never to have life
be painful or a crime
for any of my countrymen

God Willing


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the best artical!!!

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