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Monday, August 23, 2010

Zardari govt took 7 billion dollar internal debt frm banks in last year &12 billion dollar external debt frm imf. ( Zaid Hamid 4 June-ARY)..thats y govt wil impose VAT on ppl & corporate sector frm july ,so corporate sector wil have to start down sizing to meet this challenge.

We No need new taxes , Afghan transit smuggling 70 billion Rs / yr , tax on real estate , FBR 500 billion Corruption, Govt 9 institutes (pesco ,pia ,pepco,stil mil ,railway,pso ,sui southerngas etc) 300 billion corruption/ yr,need tax on SME SOHO.(2 june dailytimes)

Indian Army is about to start " Green Hunt " opertation gainst Moist rebels. (Hasb b haal 4 june ) sister rebellion states in north eastern india consist of 38.6 million ppl ,3.8% of india (asam,nagaland/manipur/tripura/mizaram/meghalaya/arunachal predesh), consist of hills (menarals , petrol).

Zardari is selling Nawab shah land & converting Rs to dollor & sending dollars to the Gulf country .(Qazi Anwar-president SC bar)

Preplanned killing to devastate karachi in june.gentlemen make analysis that food princes highiest in karachi as compare to other cities of pakistan ,KESC increase tariff of karachi ppl electricity six times in last 2 years.gentlemen if karachi go on like this then whole pakistan will suffer one day.pray to get rid of zardari & mqm asap.

India PM Manmohan singh said to pakistan ," pakistan explain what it dne with china as far as civil nuclear deal is concern".BUT shameless PPP zardari Govt reply nothing to that ediot statement.

Suger & wheat price is going down in global market.but in pakistan price is increasing day by day.(finance ministery - 29 june sama tv)

World's top 10 countries whose ppl search sexy sites more , among them ,7 are muslims states.pakistan is on top , its really shame for us.(google report - hasb haal - 16 july )

Pakistan-afgan transit trade : 1) weapons wil go to afganistan frm india & ulmimately cums to pakistan through alqeda & tehreek tailban provided by RAW . 2) , pak lost afgan market & india wil capture .3) india cn create terrorism on trade routes frm pakistan to afganistan as they are doing in blouchistan.

Indian hot conspiracy :: Distribution of afganistan's pushton areas as separate state.its to entice pakistan pushton area ppl (FATA) to combine with pushton areas of afganistan as big separate pushton state.(kamran khan 19 july)

Pak-Afgan transit trade 2010 :: US want to transfer Trillion dolars menarals of Afganistan via indian sea ports not from gawader & karachi ports.Give benifits to india.These menarals are rights of afgan ppl.Same done by russia in past steal trillion dollar gas during afgan war ..(off the record 19 july)

2nd Historical day for pakistan after 1988 when ussr said we vil quit afganistan within one On 20 july 2010, obama said we vil completely quit afganistan by the end of 2014.but inshallah very soon US vil quit ,not necessarily by the end of 2014.
From jan 2010 to yet 7th times electricity tariff get increased.IMF again demand frm zardari govt to increase tariff in oct 2010.(cnbc tv)
Zardari Govt give green signal to US to open new US embassy branch in blouchistan.its against for china & pakistan interest..
Only Moist revolution in china comes frm vallages in world , all other from cities except iranian revolutiƶn starts frm city tehran but 90% prevail in vallages.(views on news 19 auguest)


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