Floods of Corruption Burying Us Beneath the Roof tops of hate and sectarianism

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poem dedicated to the people who have lost thier lives in the tragic incident of flooding. Though, it is to be the worst nightmare of deaths due to water alone, we must not forget that there is another flood of corruption and immoral conduct that kills hundreds each day. I wrote this poem from the blood of my soul. Read the message. It is a poem that has won several awards. I am sure you would like it too.

Floods run through my cities

Blood oozing from the palpating stones of our politicians

Both streams massacre as their droplets hit the ground

We live in hell domain

Innocent lives killed without a reason

Diluted and Corrupt officials embark on helicopter rounds

How can they hear the screams of my little Amina as she tries to stay above water?

From that height

They will not know

The dead bodies

Beneath the floating roof tops

They ask for international aid?

International aid does not give care and understanding

International partners cannot give you a heart


Anonymous said...

Really out standing..... hats off to the grief
We all feeling sorry for our motherland.

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