Genocide of Pakistan Race

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We live in sad moments. The world within has collapsed. The water that has devastated us should have been in our reservoirs and in our dams. Our country should have been excited about the levels in our dams and adjust canals. Picnics should be taking place. Peace and tranquility prevailing. Birds chirping and children playing openly in the streets. This is the picture of Pakistan I had anticipated. But the papers and television channels show a different and horrid side. This Pakistan is equivalent to hell. Children die innocently and waters seep into homes and dreams. This is not a country. We now live in times and environments similar to the times when Hitler gathered millions of Jews and started the annihilation of a complete nation. Genocide comes to my mind. Sometimes it takes anger; sometimes it takes resentment and sometimes the lust of power and greed. Name in what you may, the people of Pakistan are facing genocide. And the people who are continuing this massive scale of innocent killings are unknown.

Imagine a world where children are flawlessly killed as police watches on

Innocent girls rapped in villages by feudal

Top politicians drunk each night in an Islamic city

Suicide rates are the highest in the world

People that run the government are the most corrupt in the world

Can we watch on? Are we like the Jews that have no destiny except death? Is this the end for us all?


Tahir Shah said...

Very nice Dud !
I am Syed Tahir from Pakistan . I am also fond of culture photographs . see my blog and please give me some tips to expand it .

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