Poem for the Children Hanged Brutally in Sialkot

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Kafirs of Fate

Oh the worshipers of the devil

You hanged our children brutally

Banged their bodies with stones and pebbles

Hanged them openly as if they were convicted and convoluted convicts!

See the pictures and imagine that being your loved ones

Imagine if this was your skin and texture being hung openly

Fathom that the world watches your children each day die on facebook.com and youtube.com

Look around us


Judges cannot close crimes

Police are accomplices

People are mad

Our children have been hanged

In the presence of police, in the presence of crowds, in the presence of justice

May the rope that hanged innocence

Hang the children of our politicians, judges and police officers responsible for this crime

And let not history forget

If justice does not prevail

their souls will wander into our dreams

fulfilling us with the guilt and remorse

that we were silent


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