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Monday, August 23, 2010

24 elected members are in parliment with fake degrees.(GEO-kamran khan 27 april)

UN report of banazir death is indirectly targeting chief of Army staff Gen. Keyani.As directly targeting MI Head Gen Nadeem ijaz ,who was answerable to Gen keyani at that we know military intellience head is always answerable to Army cheif its a great conspiracy against pakistan.

Musharraf released 35 tailbans and 200 Army officers were released by Baitullah Masood.It was Musharraf-Baitullah preplanned agreement .These 35 tailbans killed Banazir...(dunya news In-Session 1 May)

2007-2010 International market oil price between 80-90 dollar per barrel . but In 2007 , on 516 units bill was 2082 Rs.. In 2010 ,on 516 units bill is 4002 Rs.(Newsbeat -sama tv 4 May)

New provinces should be made on administrative bases not on etinic bases like in yogosalavia 15 years back (global conspiracy),ANP change the name of nwfp on language base anp next demand may be both sides of pushtun(afgan+pak) cn make one country that was walli khan desire ,now hazara want province on language base hindco , then south province (saraiki language).then silient MQM wil demand jinnapur for (mahajir urdu speaking).pakistan big problem is ANP & MQM.

May, 7, 2010 : Zulfikar khosa said today, " PMLN support for new provinces on administrative bases not on ethinic bases ".then why PMLN supported 'khaber pushtun kha' in 18 amendment,just bz to get 3rd time prime ministership.Now it would be harmful for integrity of pakistan.As ANP is dubtful group of people.their next demand may be new country (pushtun area in afgan+ pak).and silent MQM may speak for seperate province (or country) for urdu speaking ppl for karachi & hydrabad.if it would be done then Nawaz league would be responsible for pakistan breakage.its a Yougosalavia formula implementing by zinist in pakistan with the help of inside friends.

If pakistan state is involue with fasial shahzad (Newyork-Time Square-Car Bomb),then pakistan must be ready to face the music.(Henry clinton-US Foreign minister)...its just a stratigic move of US to pressurize Pak-Army to start Operation in North Waziristan as US done in past.(GHQ attack)

27000 people died from 2003 to 2010 & 3000. Army persons are shaheed in last 10 years in pakistan due to terrorism.(south asia terrorism
Right Now 8000 rich people including ( 9000 Acre land owners ) are running Pakistan Govt & Economy.Feudals are running Pakistan Beurocracy , Army , Industry & the Parliment.1952 in india, Nahru passed the 'Jagir abolition act' .which allow one person just 25 Acre land.Nehru was offered by jagirdars billiƶn of Rs but he rejected & threaten them to jail. (Sawal Ya Hai - ARY- 16 May) &
On recent clashes in karachi : ANP said yerterday ! We (Pushtons) are present from karachi to afganistan & even afgan president is also we r not weak. Question is why ANP said about hamid karzai in press conferrence.what ANP want next ?
World best Govt schooling is in Germany & France.Schooling is free of cost in whole europe , ppl prefer to admit their children in govt shchools rather than in private schools but in pakistan culture is opposite to Europian countries. (GEO 9 MAY 2010)
New game of hidden powers after faisal shahzad case ,Fazal-ullah with 300 gurillas attack from pakistan in Norristan province of afganistan on & Afgan forces & NATO Forces.(din news )
Sheikh Zaid bin Sultan trust assets (buildings etc) in pakistan is going to transfer to bhutto family.supreme court took the notice.(kamran khan geo)
In 2009 suger mafia was taking the price as international market rates ,Right Now 2010 Suger price in internatiom market is down.why dont govt shud reduce the price.? Bz suger mafia fluence the govt for nt to import suger.(waqt news)
Zardari govt took 7 billion dollar internal debt frm banks in last year &12 billion dollar external debt frm imf. ( Zaid Hamid 4 June-ARY)..thats y govt wil impose VAT on ppl & corporate sector frm july ,so corporate sector wil have to start down sizing to meet this challenge.


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