Brutal statements from our politicians - Massacre

Monday, August 23, 2010

75% schools in sindh are closed.In one case 500 schools are captured in kharpur by only one Wadara (jageerdar).

Oil price increased by Zardari govt on 1st MAY AS no fluctuation in international market its only due to IMF Pressure.As govt promised to IMF to increase electricity charges to reduce budget deficit in MAY , but govt done this through petrol increase.(Hasb haal 2 MAY)

Zardari Govt. is going to impose 16% VAT (value added Tax-Australian formula) on ppl from July 2010 & 700 to 800 billion Rs is expected to collect ,but economic experts say removal corruption from FBR can save 300-500 billion Rs per year.(21 march jang news)

PPP Govt increased petrol price 5 Rs/litre in MAY due to imf pressure ,rite now govt is considering to reduce the petrol price 5-6 Rs for june 2010 .but question is , who is responsible for increase (mangayi-rising prices) in MAY 2010 due to 5 Rs increase in petrol price ,to reduce petrol price in june wil never bring back old prices, even if we reduce petrol price up to 20 Rs per litre. (great game of hidden powers to unstable pakistan economy)

In 1930's - Jews of Federal reserve Bank (US) & Bank of England start paper currency behind which real weath (gold & silver) must be present in banks.after 1970, no real wealth behind paper if banks will issue notes without backing of real wealth,these were fake notes.. ( 11th hour - ARY Zaid Hamid 4 june)
1770 billion Rs tax target in budget 2010, 50-70 billion Rs new taxes added in budget, compare to last yr budget .In which arround 650 billion Rs reserved for returns of loans as per instructed by IMF to Govt of pakistan

Budget 2010 ,only 79 bilion Rs reserve for poors ,165 bilion Rs reserve for Govt Expense , 50bilion Rs reserve for banazir income suport program which ppp will use as political tool (khalid soomro jui( f ). 50% of 79 bilion Rs for poor, vil use in coruption (zafar ali shah pmln).(insession 13 june)

Pakistan LEADER Nawaz Sharif Raiwind palace area ; 25,000 kanal.Total staff ; 1756 personnels , total pay of staff per year; 190 million Rs.Total tax pay per year ; 5000 Rs..( kal tak 9 june 2010 )..its really shame for us.

PM Yousaf raza Gallani 55 krore Rs loan was writeoff..he settled this issue by paying just 4.5 krore Rs. Where we ppl go?

20 persons protesting against loadshedding were thrown tahzab in peshawer.last yr 19 womens were kill which were standing in lane for taking flour in karachi.who is responsible for incident in peshawer ANP ?

260 parlimentarian ( MNA & MPA ) dont submit the degrees to ECP & around 190 degrees are fake.Right now more than hundred degrees are challenged in courts.(dunya news)


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