Innocent Ahmedi community massacred during worship – insane and barbaric acts of terrorism

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today Pakistan cries over the deaths of 90 of her children. Innocently massacred during prostration and veneration to Allah. Another moment that will be written down in history with tears and broken hearts. Beautiful faces wiped away from the surface of this earth without reason and meaning. Martyrdom for all those that die in innocence.
Though I am not Ahmedi, nonetheless, my closest friends and certain family members belong to this noble segment of the community. And I have found them to be well versed, educated, decent and the most sincere and revered citizens of Pakistan. And for me that is the most important aspect to consider. This community is the only segment of Pakistan who has given us leaders, scholars and scientists of international repute. The only organized religious affiliated group that provides medical and healthcare free of cost to millions of people irrespective of the variance of their religion. Is that commendable? Should be not take pride in the most constructive asset that we have?

Remember that recently Pakistan was bombarded with nightmare events. Hundreds of people have died. Millions of families devastated. Fate changed the course of events for thousands of people due to this war on terrorism. Sad that our families and friends have died in this tragic incidents. I have lost several important friends today in this bloody bath of uncivilized crime. This is the most heinous crime that can be committed. For the souls, we pray. For the people who leave us, we offer our humble condolences.
I am saddened to know that the newspapers are writing that Ahmedi community massacred. Why not state that another 90 innocent Pakistani lives taken. I have written a poem for the martyrs.

When the devil entered the house of worship
His heart beats turned to stone
As his bullets pierces souls
Prostrating in veneration to their lord
Our Lord!
Children, youth and grandparents line up for heaven
Our beloved friends and family have died
In a blood bath that will be written in history with tears
And broken hearts
Innocence brutally massacred
Hopes, futures, and dreams shot down without remorse
Pakistan looks on
Injured and shaken
Fainted by the smell of our blood on amputated hands
We long to say our goodbyes to another color of Pakistan
Diminishing as we bury our bodies tonight
Our emblem burnt
In the name of Islam
Someone commits a crime
A crime that no religion acknowledges
Our innocent graves will testify
That we speak of peace and tolerance
Ahmedi’s is the star of our flag
And you rip us apart
As we pray?

Tonight all of Pakistan is united in the regretful and heinous sin. May Allah rest their souls in peace.


Amtul Mussawir Mansoor said...

This blog has brought tears to my eyes and I, as an Ahmadi Muslim, appreciate your compassion. Please remember all of us in your prayers!

Anonymous said...

I can not take pity on Gustakh-e-Rasool as they say our most respectable person that he is mentally retarded (Naoz u billah) they are planning against Muslims. .. Although Muslims did wars on these issues in the era of Sahabas too.......
What will you right about Ahmadi's planning against Muslims along with yahodi lobbies Mr.Saeed? I feel sorry for the victims but why they are supporting Americans for droon attacks why they are saying to blast everything relates to Baloshistan???? Why?

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