Facebook ignites Muslim Hatred - But does the answer lie within?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The value that the Prophet of Islam has cannot be communicated by the simple orchestration of ink and paper. The Prophet of Islam is the most revered soul that has ever existed and his entire life on earth is the true path that has been set forth for all mankind.
One of the abiding principles of Islam is to love the Prophet of Islam more than any other human being. To ensure that this affiliation is instilled in mankind, the Prophet of Islam gave huge sacrifices to be claimed as the most notable and respected among all civilizations. He is the man who went to his enemies to inquire about their health. He is a man who cherished children and commended his soldiers not to kill innocent lives doing war. He was very vigilant in communicating the message of peace and tranquility in society. Even today, this message lives on in the hearts of millions of Muslims across the world.
The Muslim community stands at the most crucial and disheveled cross-roads. Facebook.com is propagating satanic composition of the most revered icon in Islam. Several countries are in the process of banning this website. Banning websites might not be the ultimate solution to this horrendous activity taking place by the haters of Islam.
All communities and religious affiliations should have one moral principle abiding their daily lives. It is inhumane and uncivilized to propagate and ignite hatred among the respective worship communities. Putting to flames a mosque is an inhumane an act as burning down a church. Respect and decency of people is a required code of conduct. Millions of people have disagreements and variance in their belief system. The beauty of life is to accept variances and let all segments of life have their share. Never in the life of the Prophet or the reign of the caliphs were religious communities completely annihilated. In fact, the Jews and Christians were more protected during peaceful times.
The concern that the Muslim community should have today is a realization that other communities are not tolerant of their belief system anymore. Irrespective of being one of the largest religious segments of the world, other smaller religions are not taking heed of the consequences associated with blatantly insulting our beloved Prophet. Digging deeper into the current sequence of events, it comes as no surprise that the Islamic community has reached the lowest ebb of civilization and the onslaught of the reaction will have no impact on the perpetrators. No longer are there times where the Muslim armies would unite to fight against such atrocious and hideous crimes against Islam. No more are the days where Christians and Jews will think twice about the impact of a complete revolt by the entire Muslim communities. Our enemies have now realized that the only impact that the Muslim communities can now do is to ban websites and not become part of the international highway of information.
Disengagement has never been a solution. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan propagated the message of tolerance and fostered an environment in which Muslims can compete with the Hindus and Sikhs on an educational turf. This was during times where the Muslim community believes that disengagement was the best policy. If it was not for the vision of Sir Syed, the Muslims were ready to boycott education. We would have been centuries behind today.
A similar crossroad exists in-front of us. How dare our enemies even fathom of humiliating our most revered icon? How dare they even imagine magnifying an insult and proudly placing it on the internet community for millions to view and cherish? The answer lies within. We as Muslims are defeated. Look around us. Presidents pardon culprits of the state. Liquor and woman are part of the social activity of many leaders. We have Jews and Americans bombarding rockets into Muslim areas and hundreds of innocent lives have been buried testifying that we are lost as a nation. Yet, our history proclaims that caliphs existed who once said “if a dog dies at the banks of a river of thirst, I will be held accountable”. We live in a world where dogs now govern humans and let humans are dying at the banks of rivers due to thirst and starvation.


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