Peter Sohn comes to town. CEO of

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Peter Sohn comes to town

Peter Sohn is a gifted and talented individual who has been in the online industry for over 20 years. He has a passion for excellence and has been driving successful business revenues. His belief is to create jobs and to sustain profitability on an international level. He believes that we need to tap into the international market to get the best of the best. He is on a mission traveling across the world and orchestrating the ideas of international market. In fact, he's such an ardent believer of international growth, that he has his company in United States of America outsource work to Australia, India, Egypt and now Pakistan. He recently was on a visit to Islamabad to reinforce the directive of providing international exposure to the young and kick-starting the economy.
I had the pleasure of meeting up with him during a dinner and was amazed that his work allows the young to energize themselves and learn more about search engine optimization and making money online. There is no hard and fast rule. Content Management is the heartbeat of the internet future. People and communities with information would be the true harbingers of growth. It is imperative to give all communities a sustainable model where they can easily garner information and communicate it immediately to the world. His company develops content management for a huge number of customers. He is in search of intelligent individuals who love reading and writing and can contribute exponentially to the content management market.
He has interviewed approximately 50 people from Pakistan who are now working closely with his organization in developing new content for his clients. I would like to congratulate Peter Sohn in taking such steps even in touch markets. International organizations keep away from Pakistan due to the instability. But Peter believes otherwise. “We are all meshed together. We need to learn and communicate to and from everyone. In this international bandwagon, we can’t let some ride and some be left out. That will mean the content management circle is incomplete”
“Plus I find the people of Pakistan that articulate and decisive “he further concludes. On behalf of Pakistan and its citizens I thank Peter for giving jobs to the Pakistani market. I recommend many international and national companies within Pakistan to contact or visit his website and learn how his organization can build your content!


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