What System Creates insane people like Faisal Shahzad NYC bomber

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There is no substitute to life. You can witness the gleaming sensation and pulsating heart of life as you see your children play in the open fields, as you tenderly kiss your wife before going to bed, or as you reminisce over childhood memories with your loved ones. Life is to be loved and lived to its fullest. This is what I have been teaching and have been taught throughout my generations. Life is a beautiful moment and every single second should remind you of how important and admirable it is to be human. As a teacher I have always appreciated different thoughts and ideas. Never disagreeing with the right of others to argue. I testify that life is a blessing and we should uphold its sanctity with our blood and lives. Sadly enough, this is not what I have witnessed in my recent years living in Pakistan. I have buried more children than I have taught. I have kissed more people last goodbyes than I have said hellos. And I have seen millions of people displaced in my country without them being a cause to the Taliban issue. I was there when my cousins were brutally scattered into a thousand pieces in Peshawar and I was there searching the limbs of my friends who died in the Moon Market Blasts in Lahore. Ask me now and I will still tell you how much I value life.
The average Pakistani loves life. For the west it is hard to fathom. Come and visit and you will see first-hand that the average Pakistani values life and culture. It is the agencies and ruthless policies of our governments who have amputated the soul of this nation. For any man to have the conviction to kill innocent lives like Faisal Shahzad in New York requires insanity. No religion teaches this doctrine.
What I ask the world is to find the root cause of aggregation that promotes this kind of violence? It is the US predators haunting down enemies and killing innocent lives in their endeavors or the vicious Indian agencies implanting their own within our own flesh and bloods? I tell you I have rode my cycles in this land and flew kites in the skies of Pakistan, and I remember it as a peaceful place. Who gave us the insanity? Governments of the world have the answers. Our corrupt politicians who have sold the social and moral fabric of this nation have the answers to our fruitless life. This is a nation where the prime minister wife is able to waive off her loans and the governors drink alcohol in their government premises. A country where the top brass are all testified culprits of the state. With governance like this, you can only promote insanity.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Sheikh,
I really con not undersatnd and find it appalling that u think Inida is involved in the bombings that are happening in Pakistan.
After Kasab what more eveidence Indian govt shud give to pakistan that it is pakistan which is destroying my beautiful country.An educated person like you shud have made commnents with more responsibility.

Pak News said...

I think that it is the hatred due to drone attacks which has caused such an incident in NY and I think that conspiracies are much more deeper as they look apparently and only God knows what's going on. Image of our country is smashed due to such incidents and only our enemies are taking benefits from it.

Anonymous said...

All the hatred that is in Pakistanis today towards the whole world is not a result of India or USA, this is what the their own govt (cheap political stunts) has spread to gain those quick votes. It is somehow easy to get attracted to hatred and sort of blame everyone in this world but not look at your own self. We have seen a lot of political nonsense in India too, however a large amt of population today is "learning" to do something better than their parents gen. have. Remember It takes village...


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