This could be any one of our children

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I never forget the smile of my little princess as I wake up each day. I can not live a day without seeing her beautiful smile embarked on her petal lips and her ever demanding notion that her daddy will be there for here irrespective of season, time, life and stage. Yet, these horrifying pictures of families displaced in the northern areas of Pakistan conclude that millions of people across the world have forgotten that these children also have fathers and mothers. Parents who are now helpless. Imagine if that bond that my daughter has in me is broken and I can not repair it. Life and all its glory is gradable. Take away hope and you have nothing left but a nightmare. I would give my life for the dreams of my little princess. Wouldn't you? So, why leave them on this journey? Who is to be blamed? Any one?


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This article has been published in a local newspaper as well

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