Another bombing of a mosque in the Northern Areas

Friday, June 5, 2009

Irrespective of the variances in ideology and the hatred that one possesses, damaging and deleting innocent people from the surface of this Earth is not only evil but the most inhuman act that one can fathom. Alongside this, these brutalities have the source being blown up into pieces as well. What hatred and animosity comes from innocent killings? I can so far acknowledge the target aspect of shootings to the degree that you know whom you want to fight with but random acts of terror is a result of a social and moral decay in society. External elements play a pivotal part and ruin the lives of millions of people.
Hope is a wonderful ingredient and a gift of god. But we relentlessly have given it up. We can no longer take this and prostrate to our Lord hoping that this time around we go home and visit our families. This is not the life we need to life. This is not the realm of our goals. We have dreams embarked on our petal roads. Who damaged the streets and broke our windows and doors open? Who took away from my children their hopes and anticipations?
Can we finally say No to this! Can we finally come up with a solution to end all of this? Iwish that the children that we bury were from both sides. Maybe then one can realize the importance of a loved one. A loved one.


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