Lights Off in Our City

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It has been one of those rare moments in the history of all nations when the provisional infrastructure goes into complete darkness. Similar to the mood swings of the polluted politicians. One needs to really comprehend the damage that has been done. Hundreds of patients died due to the non availablity of electricity and many of our future leaders were left without lamps to study under. We are loosing the grip on the social elements and letting go of some of the true and hard core values.
Imagine a world where Pakistan is revered as a harbinger of truth and prosperity and the world believes in the massive infrastructure taking place. We are all awaiting that day. But those days never to be seen on the calenders of our political role models.
I can only imagine what Karachi had to go through during the times of darkness. Here is a poem I have written:

Lights off
am I in a prison?
What is my sin?
I can not even see the goodness in others....

I hear sounds of beating hearts
can't they shut off too?

My uncle died
the operating room had no lights
doctors got the full fees
we live to tell the tale of darkness.......


Ahsan Jamal said...

the poem was precise and detailed. good work

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