Our silence against the innocent killings of people in Pakistan is a defiance against Islam

Friday, July 2, 2010

In Islam, a fatwa is described as a definitive statement from the wisdom of the greatest religion of the world. In truth, the western world is now deciphering the very elements of the crude elements that are demolishing the existence of Pakistan. The very root causes will be found in the ISI offices, Pentagon head quarters and Indian intelligence agencies. You have to be really sick to really kill so many innocent people like this. Only the worst enemies can annihilate with such momentum and force.

I was there in the morning at the shrine before this occurred. To the people who have no clue regarding the shrine, it belongs to one of the great Sufi saints of the world of Islam. Data ganj baksh was revered as the great sage of his time that propagated Islam and converted millions of people. This is the magic of the man who had hundreds die at his footsteps today.
In Islam, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) once said to revolt against the people who contradict Islam. Islam is the message of peace. Any religious sect or any government who fortifies crimes and goes against humanity is truly a Kafir. A kafir that goes against the morality of Islam. The governor of Punjab Salman Taseer is a heavy drinker and Shahbaz Sharif is fond of multiple women. This is not a perspective but a daily habit of these cruel and barbaric kafirs. I gave a few amounts of change to one of their guards and they told me the quantity and quality of women and wine that come to their offices and homes.

Many of my friends have died today. Interestingly enough, no revolt against the people or the government. We are leading are our lives as if nothing happened. Again the Muslim communities residing in Lahore, Pakistan is silent. The revolution will never begin even after another barbaric attempt of killing the harmony of hundreds of families. This is a country whose president has a fraud case against him, the governor of Lahore Salman Taseer drinks openly and the Punjab Chief Minister is simply in love with women. In Islam, it is mandatory to revolt against harm and the killings of innocent lives. Look at Hussain and how he laid his life to save the principles of truth. As Muslims today, we are silent. And our silence is Kufar. Kufar means the defiance against Islam. Today, I write this poem with a broken heart. Through this you will realize how we died together but were buried separately. Wake up Pakistan!

Our silence is Kufar (defiance of Islam)

As we bury our mutilated bodies

We accept gifts from the PPP and PML elected donkeys

We let our tears dry with the towels of insanity

Today, again Lahore is colored red

Red as my blood

Red as the blood of my uncle who died in the Allama Iqbal town massacres

Red as the faces of the children who die each day innocently in the streets of Peshawar

Red as your wine Salman Taseer!

That you drink each night before a woman entices you

Red as the brick walls of the palace of Shahbaz Sharif

He cannot see the red swollen eyes of the children who have buried their fathers

Fatherless men have no morals

It is to be written in history today

That our silence is defiance of Islam

We shall no longer declare ourselves as Muslims

We cannot hang the culprits

We cannot wipe away the guilt


Ali said...

Yes you are right, but no one here fights for the right
Send flowers to Pakistan

Aamer said...

A typical post from a religious bigot .. in one sentence you write "Islam is a religion of piece" and the next you intice to kill and burn anyone who doesnt agree with you .. why do YOU have to decide who is pious and who is Kafir ? who gave you that right ?
Intolerance, bigotry, selfrightousness are the ailments which is eating our society .. if we just learn how to mind our own business
But may be you want a bit of that wine and women too .. angoor khattay hain ???

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