Saturday, January 10, 2009

We as a nation have accepted our fate. It is clear writing on the wall. People are now headless of the mistakes that the political and social system make. To us we have come to terms with the fact that the leaders that we have so called elected are our splitting image. A mirror whose reflection is marred by defeat, anger and humiliation, yet we are fine with the reflection. The entire nation is shutting down slowly and steadily. Hundreds of factories have shut down due to the non-availability of power, electricity and support from the government. People are leaving this nation to find jobs elsewhere. Unfortunately, the people who are leaving are amongst the few who could really make the difference in and to this nation. The people that stay behind are the real looters. Leaders from all walks of life are tempted to become another symbolic representation of the massacres and massive extortions that occur.
If you sadly do not agree, then look around you. Do you not see yourself shut off for hours at en? Our lives still revolving around the brightness of the candle stick? Whereas hundreds of people across the world enjoy basic living standards like electricity, gas and petrol. Here in Pakistan it is all upside down. It was once stated by a famous politician of India that Indians should never be afraid of its neighbors. It is a million robbers robbing each other daily. I have to agree with that statement. Each day someone new comes to the leadership role destroying the gates of heaven for us all. And no one stands up. Our talks are only coffee session disputes. We move around the same roads where innocent people have died yesterday. The flames that go burn our homes down have left us burning in despair. Yet, our smiles are silent. We are still trying to cope and wish that life will get better. But without practice, without the resilience of change. We are a really shattered race of people who keep believing that someday God will show up in town and give us some sensational magical wand to clear the mist.
Without our own belief in change, we can never show deterrence to the social and moral decay. We know the people who are ravaging this country, yet each time elections take place, the educated masses never vote. We allow injustice to prevail. Though we might not be seen standing together to uplift our values, but we need to start. This portal is to educate the masses of the ideas that are lurking in the dark. It is going to be used to bridge the differences between internal divisions and sectarianism. This blog will redefine our verdicts. Reestablish our faith. Optimize our concepts. Give us strength. Allow us to move on with reason. Establish rule and governance. Stop the bad from happening. I pray that one day we do see a nation that is smiling with fruitful victories. And our faces show our happiness. We need to be free from within. Let’s all move and sing together.


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